“Emozione per la frutta” (“Emotion for fruits”), is not only a marketed brand, but also the concept that consistently supports Noccioltost. “Emotion for fruits” is what Noccioltost wants to convey through each of its products: they represent the synthesis of an approach and a tradition that evolve with the most specific and differentiated market trends and consumer demands.

Among the brands operating in the dried fruits field, Noccioltost offers a wide range of products and has gained the trust of its consumers and of the main players for the branded production of large-scale retail. Mass market is characterized by the highest standards of workmanship and subjected to the most stringent disciplinary controls.


Packaged peanuts and pistachios

Our specialty is roasting and packing peanuts and pistachios in shell, in all formats. As for the “top range” peanuts, a double roasting – strong and soft – ensures a unique taste, designed for the most demanding palates: the Tipe Toste selection.

The aluminized envelops

Roasted peanuts in shell, packed in aluminized bags are the pride of our production. Silver and gold to ensure a long time fragrance, taste and quality.

Roasted peanuts in shell Roasted pistachios in shell Soft Tipe Toste Strong Tipe Toste


200g 250g 300g 500g 1kg

Di Toste e di Crude

The “Di toste e di crude” selection was created in order to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. An entire line devoted to the bulk products that allows us to offer all the variety of nuts, in shell or shelled, raw or toasted.

Walnuts Peanuts Pistachios


5kg 10kg

Emozione per la frutta

White: the right color to enhance a 360-degree exciting product. Fruits of high quality, carefully selected and packaged to provide an experience of unforgettable taste. Limited weights, specially designed to be placed even in small sizes of sale.

Walnuts in shell Shelled hazelnuts Shelled walnuts Chile grapes
Pine Nuts Peeled and roasted hazelnuts Exotic mix Roasted almonds in shell
Banana chips Pineapple cubes Cranberries Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds
Sliced mango Coconut cubes Melon cubes Shelled and peeled almonds
Chopped toasted hazelnuts Roasted chickpeas Cherries Roasted chickpeas
Sultana grapes Papaya cubes Ginger cubes Strawberries


40g 60g 70g 80g
125g 130g 150g 170g
200g 500g

Only You

Only You is the new selection by Noccioltost: the unique and inimitable taste of flavored peanuts and pistachios. Roasted, not fried, and seasoned with iodized salt. Only You. A tasty emotion, just for you.

More flavor to the flavor

The range offers three types of taste: light, strong and tough.

Roasted peanuts in shell Roasted shelled pistachios


30g 40g 70g 100g 125g 500g